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The story of my Stamp Collection Hobby

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Liberty Bell - Forever stamp

The stamp that brought back my fond memories

Reflecting back onto the days when I was a small boy, I was fascinated by every thing that I came across, wanting to know even the very minute details of how things are in this world. Every day was another exciting day for me and I used to observe my surroundings as if completely entranced in its beauty. On one such bright early morning, I came across some old dusty boxes in a closet, the incident still very vivid in my mind. Those boxes had many small bits of papers, with musty odor but cut into pieces of all shapes in vibrant colors. That was the beginning of my fascination with stamps. My parents introduced me to the world of Philately and encouraged me, I was proud when they said that Philately is the King of Hobbies.

Every day, I used to wait eagerly for the postman to arrive, always hopeful that he would deliver a bunch of letters addressed to us. Long afternoons after school were spent getting deeply immersed in the world of stamps. You see, they are the smallest storybooks one can have. Each one had its own unique story to tell, whether it be history, nature, science, politics and what not.  Stamps ignited in me a passion, a passion which would never wear off. They propelled my interest in geography, languages, history and nature. I used to travel daily to all those countries, with strange languages and foreign customs, many times forgetting that it was all in dream.

Something unexpected happened over the years, even though my love for philately dint wane, posts kept becoming less and less frequent as people no longer wrote letters to each other. Telephone and internet had stormed into even the remotest places, no more did one have to wait eagerly every passing day to receive a letter from dear ones. With that my hobby came to an abrupt halt. It was like rude awakening from a beautiful dream. Many of my us started to look for other alternatives to collect stamps. Some moved on into other interests, some like me lingered on, hoping that things would change again. But some found an alternative, they started buying stamps from the store around the corner. Even a small amount of money could get a number of stamps, all rare and beautiful.

I too tried to catch up with others and bought some stamps which otherwise would have been difficult to procure. To my utter dismay, the whole process felt strange, no longer did I wait eagerly for my stamps, there was no excitement that I got the stamps I always wanted to collect, neither did I have a little bit of happiness, or any sense of achievement. It all felt wrong, this was not stamp collection, this was just stamp buying. It was like a grocery store shopping, it dint have any feelings associated with it. All you had to do was have a shopping list, mechanically go to the store and get what you want.

So, I too moved on like others, pursuing my other interests like singing, dancing and photography. But I never gave up on Philately, all along waiting for that tiny spark to re-ignite the passion, until… Until I got hold of a post! Yes!! After many years, I actually held a post in my hands, one that had a tiny little spot on the top right on the envelope! One with a picture of bell on it reviewed my interests in stamp collecting! What an irony that it was telecommunication revolution led by Bell’s invention (Telephone) that led to its downfall .

I would like to know a little bit more about you!


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3 thoughts on “The story of my Stamp Collection Hobby

  1. very nice. keep it up.

    Posted by janakiprasad | January 20, 2012, 10:38 PM
  2. Very nice post about your interest in stamp collecting. I also collect Indian stamps . What do you collect?

    Posted by kdsingh31 | February 19, 2012, 11:43 AM

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