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Happy Birthday Darwin!!!

I have moved to a new home http://sillyreflections.com See you there! You can read this article directly here: Happy Birthday Darwin!!!

Portrait of Charles Darwin by G. RichmondI wish you a very very happy birthday! Hope you continue to inspire many people as you inspired me!

I became a great fan of yours right when I first read about you in high school. You have been a great  source of inspiration to me, the way you explored nature and rounded off the globe in Beagle is awesome. I hope to take a journey similar to yours someday!

Your ways of exploring and observing nature can still be considered as exemplary role models. I follow you so religiously that I too have my own nature journals in which I record all my observations in near by surroundings. Even though its quite difficult, I like to learn everything in a similar manner, on my own, exploring everything little by little.

Today, I celebrated your birthday with a visit to our State Zoo – The largest zoo in Northeast India and had lots of fun! Thank you Darwin.. Wish you a Marvelous Birthday again 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Darwin!!!

  1. Charles Darwin’s childhood garden in Shrewsbury was opened to the public to celebrate his birthday.

    Talking about zoos, I will be going to Edinburgh Zoo in the next few weeks to see the Pandas which came from China in November.

    Posted by janeslog | February 13, 2012, 3:43 AM


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