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Asian Openbill Stork

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Asian Openbill Stork (Anastomus oscitans)

Easily one of the biggest birds in the neighborhood, these birds also take the title of one of the ugliest too.Seen in all three lakes of our IIT Guwahati – IITG Lake, Serpentine Lake and the lake behind SAC, these birds are usually seen alone or in groups of 5-8 probing in the muddy waters for something to eat. From what I’ve seen, snails are their favorite food here! You eyes cannot miss it if they see one of these, really big birds these.

Distinctive Identifiers:

1. White/Grey body

2. Black flight feathers (see pic if you don’t know what they are)

3. Black tail

4. Dull pink-brown legs

5. The stout open bill lending the bird its name!

Some pictures to help you with all the identifiers.

Asian Openbill

Asian Openbill

Asian Openbill Storks

Asian Openbill Storks

Asian Openbill Stork

Wingspan of Asian Openbill Stork

Asian Openbill

Asian Openbill

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8 thoughts on “Asian Openbill Stork

  1. Lovely images, Hindupur. 🙂

    Posted by mike585 | February 28, 2012, 2:18 PM


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