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Asian Barred Owlet

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Asian Barred Owlet  (Glaucidium cuculoides)

Owlets are small or pygmy owls and generally found most active after dusk. But Asian Barred Owlets are surprisingly diurnal.! Found only in Indo-Malayan Ecozone, in all my sightings they were either seen solo or in pairs and preferably hunt for large insects or rodents.  Another interesting observation was that they drive other birds, mostly bulbuls and magpie robins, from nearby branches by whistling or charging.!! They are mostly  buff colored and easily identified with the 3-4 bands of broad streaks on belly and flanks and look very fluffy.

Distinctive Identifiers:

1. Buff colored barrings on the wings.

2. Barred body, both upper parts and under parts

3. Bands of barring streaks on belly

4. Typical yellow owl eyes with black  iris.

5. Just slightly visible eyebrow bands, but prominent enough.

So when you go out to spot them, make sure its afternoon or late afternoon, that’s when these are most active, but not at nights! Have a look at these pictures for more clarity!

Asian Barred Owlets pair

Asian Barred Owlets pair

Asian Barred Owlet

Asian Barred Owlets discussing deeply about my presence!

Asian Barred Owlet

Asian Barred Owlet surprised perhaps!

Asian Barred Owlet

Asian Barred Owlet annoyed at me that I wouldnt leave yet.

Asian Barred Owlet

Asian Barred Owlet caught a rat.

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13 thoughts on “Asian Barred Owlet

  1. Another great picture. You manage to see the birds through the leaves which is sometimes difficult. Just now in the UK the trees are beginning to bud but the branches are still quite bare and we can see the birds clearly.

    Posted by janeslog | March 30, 2012, 12:58 PM
  2. Wow!great post there!

    Posted by |nabadip| | March 30, 2012, 1:24 PM


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